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CompanyMeeting DateMeeting TypeCountry
3i Group plc 17/07/2014AnnualUnited Kingdom
3i Group plc 30/06/2016AnnualUnited Kingdom
3i Group plc 28/06/2018AnnualUnited Kingdom
3M Co. 10/05/2016AnnualUnited States
3M Co. 08/05/2018AnnualUnited States
A.O. Smith Corp. 11/04/2016AnnualUnited States
A.O. Smith Corp. 09/04/2018AnnualUnited States
Abacus Property Group. 14/11/2017AnnualAustralia
ABB Ltd. 13/04/2017AnnualSwitzerland
Abbott Laboratories 24/04/2015AnnualUnited States
Abbott Laboratories 28/04/2017AnnualUnited States
Abbvie Inc 06/05/2016AnnualUnited States
Abbvie Inc 04/05/2018AnnualUnited States
Aberdeen Asset Management 03/02/2015AnnualUnited Kingdom
ABN Amro Group N.V 29/05/2018AnnualNetherlands
ABN Amro Group N.V 12/07/2018SpecialNetherlands
Accenture plc 04/02/2015AnnualUnited States
Accenture plc 10/02/2017AnnualUnited States
Accenture plc 01/02/2019AnnualUnited States
ACE Ltd. 22/10/2015SpecialUnited States
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