The Board of Trustees of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System ("OPERS") views proxy voting rights as valuable fund assets. OPERS exercises its proxy voting authority in accordance with its fiduciary duties to act in the long-term economic best interests of its participants and beneficiaries and for the exclusive purpose of providing plan benefits to its participants and beneficiaries. The OPERS’ Corporate Governance Policy and Proxy Voting Guidelines reinforce OPERS’ duty to loyally and prudently vote proxies. In addition, OPERS utilizes external proxy voting services that provide independent research to assist with analyzing proxy voting issues.

OPERS’ votes can be viewed throughout the year on OPERS’ website. The following is an alphabetical list of companies and the annual meeting date of each company listed. Information about proxy votes cast by OPERS is available by clicking on the company name. Questions regarding OPERS proxy votes can be directed to OPERS’ Corporate Governance Department and should include the company name and the issue.

Proxy Voting Report
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CompanyMeeting DateMeeting TypeTickerFunds
Kemira Oyj 03/23/2015AnnualKRA1V1
SAAB AB 04/15/2015AnnualSAAB1
Nordson Corporation 02/24/2015AnnualNDSN1
Apple Inc. 03/10/2015AnnualAAPL1
Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. 04/21/2015AnnualSSD1
Sampo Oyj 04/16/2015AnnualSAMAS1
Stockmann Oyj 03/19/2015AnnualSTCBV1
Clicks Group Limited 01/28/2015AnnualCLS1
Omnova Solutions Inc. 03/19/2015AnnualOMN1
Dollar General Corporation 05/27/2015AnnualDG1
Exco Technologies Limited 01/28/2015ConsentXTC1
Brait SE 01/27/2015SpecialBAT1
Mah Sing Group Berhad 01/07/2015SpecialMAHSING1
Waste Management, Inc. 05/12/2015AnnualWM1
HEICO Corporation 03/20/2015AnnualHEI1
Nampak Limited 02/04/2015AnnualNPK1
WGL Holdings, Inc. 03/03/2015AnnualWGL1
AbbVie Inc. 05/08/2015AnnualABBV1
Asics Corporation 03/27/2015Annual79361
Tokyo Tatemono Co. Ltd 03/26/2015Annual 1
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